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Sharia law is BS !

by Muezzin London Dry Djinn

SITA Great-Britainmiddle-age fossil Suhaib Hasan, found in LeytonBritish muslims want to offer sharia law to Britain
And claim that sharia be given legal authority.

The poisonous gift was revealed in the Telegraph article 'We want to offer sharia law to Britain'

The article explains that islamic courts already exist, without any legal authority, except that many muslims ask them to rule divorces, wedding or money conflicts, then follow their decisions. After that step, and only after it, they go to british courts to have the islmaic court decision validated.

The muslims claim that islamic courts be given legal authority to avoid the muslims to do their demands twice.

Trouble is that, if you scratch a little bit the civilized paint coating the "tolerant and peacefull" muslim will, you quickly find the middle-age mentally on which sharia law is based.
Under the paint, "doctor" Suhaib Hasan, spokesman of the Muslim Council of Britain do not heisitate to say : "Even though cutting off the hands and feet, or flogging the drunkard and fornicator, seem to be very abhorrent, once they are implemented, they become a deterrent for the whole society.

fossil --doctor-- Suhaib Hasan from Leyton, Steph Bergol style
Just a little bit of friendly free advice : pack and go visiting Arabia, one-way ticket.
Un petit conseil amical : fais tes valises et vas visiter l'Arabie, Aller-simple.

30 years ago, if we had decided to kick out to Arabia all the "doctors" model Suhaib Hasan, walking, with a good kick in the ass every twenty steps, this could have been seen as very cruel to the first one but this would have been very deterrent. Never any single middle-age fossil would have said any more word. In one generation, all "doctors" moving naturaly from mosque to cemetery, we would have already eliminated the main non-integration source of a well-known community.

Doing this might be necessary in a near future but before lets try some diplomacy to have the "doctor" portrayed on the article to understand he would be definitively wise to quickly forget every and all ideas he could have about any kind of legal independence.

The excerpt of the article allowing a SITA action is that one :
Dr Hasan is a judge, and this is a sharia court - in east London. It sits, innocuously, at the end of a row of terrace houses in Leyton
Extended name of "docteur" Hasan is given under the picture : Suhaib Hasan.
Extended name, town : we need nothing more to find the public address of the "doctor".

A search "Suhaib Hasan Leyton" on Google gives the address of Al-Tawhid mosque where the "doctor" spreads his fantasies (see also siratemustaqeem.com forum ).

1. Print (File > Print... or Ctrl+P) first page of the Telegraph article 'We want to offer sharia law to Britain'. This will tell him why he is receiving letters.

2. On the back, print (File > Print... or Ctrl+P) first page of this article.
If he wants to sue somebody regarding freedom of speech in Europe, he will know who to attack (forget about dynamite suit please).

3. Basic stamp allows sending two paper sheets. Print (File > Print... or Ctrl+P) as you whish :
- first and second page of the hilarious article Une bonne claque aux idées qui rampent ! by cartoonist Steph Bergol
- the two first pages of chapter 12 of 1923 book "Islam and the musulman psychologiy" by André Servier. If you feel sadistic today, you can instead print the two first pages in french (chapitre 13 in the original edition)
- if you feel very sadistic you can send one of the various french sum-up about islam. The spanish version might recall him the "good ole days" of the Reconquista, which is not very old from an historical point of view.

4. Send your SITA letter to address of Al-Tawhid mosque where the "doctor" spreads his fantasies (see also siratemustaqeem.com forum ).
From France to Great-Britain, stamp at 0.60 € (jan. 2008). Here are the rates from Belgium, Swiss, Luxembourg, Canada, le Maroc, Algeria, Tunisia et Monaco). Other countries can join !

5. Done ? Tell us on the Sitathon to push other people to act. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter.

You've done all the SITA actions but you still would like to act ? Visit Amnesty International.

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