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Congratulation to Geert Wilders !

by Imam Oink-Oink and Muezzin London Dry Djinn Article en français : cliquez
SITA UN TIMBRE SITA UNE MINUTE ACTION PAYS-BASGeert Wilders Dutch MP Geert Wilders on 8th of August called for a ban on the Koran in the Netherlands, describing it as a "fascist book" which exhorts people to kill non-believers and rape women, AFP said

The dhimmi Dutch government blamed these words "offending for the majority of the Muslims in Netherlands and outside of Netherlands, these muslims who firmly reject hatred and violence", a press released of the Housing and Integrating Ministery. But... where are these muslim who would reject the soura 9 of the quran for instance ?

Though, it is the Quran that appeals to hatred and violence. For those who ignore it, they should pass ten minutes of their life reading the abrogating sura number 9 before go on reading this article. The amateurs of comparated translations can go and read too here, here, here, here, here et here. And if you're a Reuters journalist and if you want to do a good job, you should go and read too.

The minister said Wilders’ comments, published in Volkskrant, are ‘damaging’ to inter-community relations and could deepen the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims..

The leader of the Freedom Party PVV wrote this in a letter published in the Volkskrant on the 8th of August. The politician compares the Islamic holy book with Adolf Hilter's Mein Kampf, which has been banned from sale in the Netherlands since the end of World War II.

Although the Nazi text is banned from sale, it is available in some libraries and ownership of the text is not illegal.

Wilders is willing to allow the Koran as an object of study, but that should be the only exception to the ban. "A ban is a ban. Not only the sale, but also the use in mosques and ownership in a household context should be punishable. If the current legislation does not allow that then a new law on banning the book should be introduced.". He is not the only one who did the Mein Qurampf comparison (french language) and specialists agree about the terror aspect of these two books.

"The Natherlands inister said too that the ban is out of question because there is "the freedom of speech". We recall to the Dutch governement that the freedom of speech although bans the incitement to hatred, murder, violence and the eulogy of crime, in everything that orders sura 9.

Geert Wilders rejects the idea of a moderate Islam because "Several suras (chapters of the Koran) call upon Muslims to oppress or kill Jews, Christians, people of different faiths and unfaithful, to rape women and use violence to establish a global Muslim state. There are too many suras that incite Muslims to be violent" he said in the letter. And you just have to read quran by yourself (and suna) to see that it is absolutly true.

coran appliquer tue mohammed"Enough is enough," the faction leader writes. After calling the increase in the number of Muslims in the Netherlands a "tsunami of Islamisation" during his election campaign, and his call for a halt on the construction of mosques and a ban on burqas, the politician is now targeting the Koran: "a fascist book," according to Wilders. And we, citizens of Europe, we say bravo ! Though the ban will not be easy to obtain, but a first step could consists in making an obligation of warning messages printed on the covers of the Quran exactly as it is done for cigarettes (Example in french, right picture : "Apply kills")

Els Lucas dhimmi islamFollowing the publication in the Volkskrant, attorney dhimmi Els Lucas (left picture) from Lelystad, 40 kilometres north of Amsterdam, filed a complaint with the Dutch police. Lucas said Wilders' statements about Islam and Muslims violated Dutch law. His comparison between the Koran and Mein Kampf and his call upon the people not to allow any more Muslim immigrants, were particularly problematic.

His remarks could be defined as incitement against people of the Muslim faith, which is prohibited under Dutch law, Lucas said. The ministry of Justice confirmed a complaint against Wilders had been filed to the Dutch police.

His statement comes in response to the recent attacks on Ehsan Jami, founder of the Committee for Former Muslims. He says the perpetrators use the Qur'an as an excuse for the attacks. Ehsan lives now under police protection...

Geert Wilders added this week that the koran is a fascist book « unless removing the bad verses. But in that case, it will not remain so much of it. The Koran will be as thick as Mickey Mouse magazine. ». That's right. In 1786 already, Savary, one of the first translator of the koran, reached exactly that same conclusion by publishing a book titled "Morale de Mahomet". It was a koran where he had removed, as he stated in a warning, "everything obviously wrong or fanatic". A koran is about 500 pages, this digest by Savary is only 55 pages ! Between 1784 and nowadays, the only difference is that in 1784 Mickey Mouse Comic did not existed. Koran, on the other hand, existed, exactly the same to the smallest coma, and this is the problem.


Freedom recipe : how to support freedom not only for dutch people but also for us, people of (still) free countries.

1a. Print this article (two first pages = one sheet). No printer ? Act with postcards (see 2 a and 2 b)).
1b. Print the french version of this article (two first pages = one sheet) to show it is an international action or print the article "Axis of islam : the verses of hate" (two first pages = one sheet)

2a. Congratulation mail to Geert Wilders. Simply send the printed texts (see 1a and 1b) or write on a postcard (suggestion) : "Congratulations : Free Europe is with you to ban the quran ! Courage !". Signature : halal-pig.blogspot.com

Geert Wilders
Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal
Postbus 20018

2b. Blame mail to dhimmi Els Lucas. Send the sheets (see 1a and 1b) or write on a post card : "The Quran WILL BE (underlined) banned from Europe. Forget about persecuting Geert Wilders then freely pack and leave, before to be forced to. We suggest you go to the small islamic paradise of Saudi-Arabia." Signature on the postcard : "halal-pig.blogspot.com"

Els Lucas
Nauta & Lucas Advocaten
De Veste 10-02

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  • At August 21, 2007 at 9:49 AM, Anonymous Antifascista said…

    You are unspeakably disgusting, the sort which would have been Nazi fifth-columnists in an an occupied Holland.

    Filthy minds, filthy words, filthy sub-humans! You deserve to be sent to a desert island to do hard labour until you drop dead!

  • At September 16, 2007 at 8:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    They will never change as long as they have this book...Ignorants...If it would be after them they would burn the rest of the books.
    Nobody wants a conflict but a war in my opinion is imminent.


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