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Fanny Truchelut + The lucrative ideological business of Caroline Fourest

SITA FranceHoria Domati propagandiste de l'islamofascisme en FranceBy Wikipédia + Die Weisse Rose
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Yvette (Fanny) Truchelut is part owner of a bed-and-breakfast type of hostel. On August 11, 2006, Truchelut was 53 years old, with 4 children. As a condition of providing lodging, she asked two female Muslim boarders to remove their headscarves in the public rooms of this hostel. (These were the large TV room and dining hall of the hostel.)

A lawsuit was initiated by one of the females (Horia Demiati), and the Movement Against Racism and for Friendship Between People (MRAP). Truchelut was sued for refusal to provide a good or a service

1) due to the origin, whether belonging to it or not belonging to it, of an ethnicity or a determined nationality (on grounds that two women were wearing the veil)

2) due to one's belonging, or not belonging, to a determined race (on grounds that two women were wearing the veil)

3) due to one's belonging, or not belonging, to a determined religion (on grounds that two women were wearing the veil)

In France, the case has been treated as symbolic of the "Islamization" of French society and the loss of control over private property. Presidential candidate Philippe de Villiers offered free legal services to Fanny Truchelut. The trial began on October 2, 2007, and October 9 she was convicted, fined 5800 euros, and sentenced to four months of imprisonment. The case is on appeal.


The lucrative ideological business of C. Fourest.

Once again, it is with annoyance that I read the typical "precious verbal diarrhoea" of Caroline Fourest, trying to justify to Riposte Laïque (Secular Reply) her positions on the hidious Fanny Truchelut case. Her remarks are shamefull and once again the disgrace of this country giving birth to such sectarians.

After having explained her position at greater lenght to her "friend", the moderator of Riposte Laïque, she bluntly attacked Fanny Truchelut by charging her about the financing of her court action, by Villiers-Varaut. (Villiers beeing the right party leader and Varaut a right wing sollicitor). Why hasn't she jumped in, with her leftist sectarian friends of Charlie Hebdo, to defend her in the first place ? Where were all these nice souls when needed, against the hatred of the MRAP and LDH (two extrem human right organisations, supporters of radical islam). These right-thinking-people sparkled by their absence.

Oh yeah, through, Fanny Truchelut is not as mediatical as the Danish cartoons, which gave to the Parisians, so called defenders of secularism, the opportunity to promote themselves on the back of the freedom of expression !

Finally, the condescendant, lessons giving Fourest states: "Fanny declares that our traditions have to be defended." "She did never put in front women's rights." This is outreagous ! One doesn't go without the other. Yes, miss Fourest, our VALUES ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE ! Yes, miss Fourest the women's freedom, the freedom of expression are worth a fight, even a war and also give our lives. You, miss, as you say, you have a cushy job in Paris and your lucrative business is the only fight against Ramadan. Book after book you take the money and run.

Ramadan is not alone on the obscurantist planet. Action on global scale is needed and that's what I'm suggesting, dear petitioner. Watch the project on the frontline of my blog. However, I don't want you. Your sectarism could be counter productive, as well as idiotic next to those who suffer the radical islam persecutions in their own flesh.
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