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English humorist Pat Condell mocks islam, politicians and especially Freddy Thielemans, with mordant irony

Pat Condell, 56, is a comedian, an author and a blogger who targets all religions. But Pat understood that islam is clearly the worst of all of them. Member of the National Secular Society, he has now a lot of success with his videos that we appreciate very much at the Halal Pig for their irony. Our leftists should hear what he says... His last video "Islam in Europe" refers to the recent delirium tremens of Freddy Thielemans regarding the 9/11.

Next video "In trouble with islam" has been seen by more than one million people.

Pat Condell refers to Banaz Mahmod when speaking about the young murdered by a quranised nut family : check the pathetic story here.

Don't hesitate to go in action against dhimmitude of Freddy : check our actions here and there.

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