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SIOE demonstration : dhimmi mayor of Brussels refuses permission for rally. Action !

Open letter to Europeans by Paul Weston, action proposed by Imam Oink-Oink. Texte et action en français

SITA BELGIQUESITA UN TIMBRE SITA UNE MINUTE ACTION RESISTANCE EUROPEles visiteurs du blog du cochon HallalIt had to happen. It was just a matter of when. Writers on sites such as Gates of Vienna have spent years detailing the totalitarian impulses of the European Union and the associated apparatchiks riding on their coat tails.

And now it is out in the open. A peaceful democratic protest, organised by people with no trace of historically violent behaviour is banned because the Mayor of Brussels, a Mr Freddie Thielemans, believes he cannot guarantee the safety of the public, and perhaps more pertinently, does not wish to upset the delicate sensibilities of Brussels’s large resident Muslim community.

What a sense of relief!

Those hours spent researching, reading and writing up on the European Union and it’s dastardly plans for it’s “community” of citizens were not in vain. No matter how right we may have thought we were, there was always that nagging doubt in the back of one’s mind that perhaps it was all too fantastical to be true; is it really possible that white Western European leaders (unelected, but surely javascript:void(0)
Publier le messagethat too could not be true, after all we live in a democracy do we not?) were intent on betraying and sacrificing their own people, all half a billion of them, in their pursuit of power and a seat at the never ending trough of financial swill?

But now the face of Europe’s totalitarian New Order has exposed itself in all of it’s slippery, devious, treacherous, lying, naked ambition. If they are prepared to deny free speech and freedom to demonstrate, then what else will they deny us? Could those scarcely believable tales, spun across the “right wing” web sites, making outrageous claims that the EU wanted to incorporate old Christian Europe into a new Islamic entity called Eurabia possibly be true?

And if that is the case, what of the threat of arrest by Europol, (whose headquarters is rather fittingly the ex-Gestapo headquarters) followed by transportation and trial before Eurojust, with both organisations taking precedence over and above the judicial and police departments of national countries. Can it really be the case that such an arrest can take place for mere criticism of an EU institution, a criticism subsequently identified as a criminal act of xenophobic hatred?

These must just be rumours; it is too Orwellian, too Big Brotherish to possibly be true. But these plans are already in the EU pipeline, waiting for the day to come, and come it will before the next two years are out, after which the EU will have total control of it’s subject peoples. No more elections, no more sovereignty, no nation states, no freedom, just an imminent minority status of jizyah paying Dhimmitude.

Will you be able to leave the EU? I doubt it. A gigantic experiment in “social justice” coupled with an ageing population will require an ever-increasing tax burden on its working population. If you think you will be able to jump ship and leg it to Australia then think again buddy boy; without the taxpayer the EU will implode. They need your tax euros’ and you ain’t going nowhere.

As is often the case in history, world-changing events spring from nowhere. If the mayor of Brussels had given his approval to the 11th September demonstration, it is likely that a few thousand would have turned up, waved a few flags and gone home again. The media would have ignored it and the EU would continue on its merry way to full totalitarian rule.

But now the gloves are off. By showing his totalitarian hand before the EU has total power, mayor Thielemans has allowed us a vision of our future, and that vision is of jackboots, flags, gulags, servitude, secret police, religious police, and “mental institutions” for those not toeing the political/religious line.

We may be unable to stop the EU doing anything it wishes to do in a couple of years time - the internet will be blocked, dissidents imprisoned and telephones tapped - but we can do something about it now.

And that something is to be in Brussels on Sep 11th. This may be your one and only chance to make an impression on our EU masters before they make your protest impossible.

By outlawing a democratic demonstration, mayor Thielemans has laid down a marker that will be studied closely by the Brussels politicians. He has slapped our face with his glove, issued a challenge, fired the FIRST shot in a new war. If you run away and hide after the opening salvo then we are finished as a people, a culture and a civilisation.

Don’t let Thielemans and his EU cronies’ notch up a victory after just one act of aggression. Do your duty. Book that ticket for Brussels. In years to come we may well look back and note that 10th August 2007 saw the beginnings of resistance or the beginning of the end.


Now it's time for Emir Fred-Dhimmi Thielemans to ban a possible coming of Talisma Nasreen, victim of a peaceful believers reaction this week (video).

Make sure that the mayor of Brussels and his friends will read this letter.

1. Print this article. (two pages = one sheet)

2. Print the first pages of this article about the quran. (two sheets = another sheet)

3. No Printer ? We suggest to send this text on a post-card :
"No demonstration on the 11 september 2007. Muslims are too many, too intolerant and too violent so, in a democraty, we can't allow that people can march peacefully against their religion of peace" Signature : Fred-Dhimmi the First, Emir of Brusselsistan, decoded by halal-pig.blogspot.com

4. Send the two sheets to :

Monsieur Freddy Thielemans, maire de Bruxelles
Hôtel de Ville
Grand-Place 1
1000 Bruxelles

A member of the municipal council of Brussels, chosen in this list : same address.

Don't hesitate to send a mail to some Members of the parliament of your own country !

5. Postage rates from USA, from Canada, from UK, from Ireland, from Australia and from New-Zealand. Citizens from other countries, please check your own postage rates.

6. After you've done it, please refer your action with a click to incite other people to act...

7. There's a petition too, don't hesitate to sign it, but we think, like Amnesty International, that letters are more useful. Anyway, it's useful to see how many we are. But there's a good way to make the petition really useful copy-past this message in the comment section :-) : Participate to the action SITA : http://halal-pig.blogspot.com/2007/08/sioe-demonstration-dhimmi-mayor-of.html

8. Already through with it ? You want more ? Why not discovering other actions (available soon)

9. Feel free to talk about this action and other ones in the sites, forum, chats you use to visite.
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  • At August 14, 2007 at 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This cowardly dhimmi Mayor is a despicable and porcine traitor.

    Might 200,000 March in Brussels 9/11/07 Against Islamification BECAUSE Mayor Has Forbid It?

    Everybody please sign the petition!

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    screw your great great grandchildren

    give the gift of dhimmitude
    why preserve your culture

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    put an END to free speech

    to discuss immigrant crime
    shall be against the law


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