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A church in Clitheroe, England, is to become a mosque

by Imam Oink-Oink
SITA UNITED KINGDOMA Historic Church that is to become a mosque in Clitheroe, England. CNN's Paula Newton reports. 300 Muslim British subjects making their residence/living in a town named Clitheroe, in England, for years asking the authorities for a place to use as a Mosque, their request denied. An abondoned / deserted Methodest Church that was used/rented for nonreligous activities has been under a debate because those 300 resident Muslims asked for renting the Church building to be used as a Mosque. The Locals objecting, it is very English, they say. Authorities standing with the locals for Political calculations, the reporter says.The Reporter said: in England, Churches are scarcely visited while Mosques are overcrowded with worshippers. BUT it's usualy FORBIDDEN to build a church in muslim countries !

Welcome in Eurabia : the nightmare's only starting.

Of course you can wait for an hypthetic petition just one petition... but nothing compares to one, ten, a hundred, a thousand real letters of information.. an avalanche of letters. And don't forget that islam and dhimmitude don't know any border. Do you think that if people knew what islam is indeed, they would accept the mosque so easily ? And maybe it's not too late, and it's just a rental. No need to be christian to act when you know what muslims are doing with christian people in their world : you just need to be a friend of freedom.

Follow the instructions below to act efficienly and easily (no printing ? we'll have another solution for you).

1. Print this article. (only one page = front side of a sheet)

2. Print the first three pages of the site http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ (the first page on the back side of the previous printed sheet ; both other pages = second double side sheet)

3. Choose a street in Clitheroe with Google Map then go to Google, type the name of the town (Cliterhoe) and then the name of the street. Click : a list of different sites appears with adresses, choose one randomly and send the sheets 1 and 2 to the chosen address without forgetting the mention "United Kingdom" if you're not in UK.

4. And why not sending the sheets 1 and 2 to the Clitheroe town council too ?

Clitheroe Town Council
The Town Hall, 9 Church Street
Lancashire BB7 2DD

5. Postage rates from USA, from Canada, from UK, from Ireland, from Australia and from New-Zealand. Citizens from other countries, please check your own postage rates.

6. When you've done it, please refer your action to incite other people to act.

7. Already through with it ? You want more ? Why not discovering other actions (not available yet)

8. Don't hesitate to talk about this action and other ones in the sites, forum, chats you use to visite.

Choose a "miscreant" post-card : church, pork food, pig picture, lady in bikini or other.... "They are burning churches in Kosovo and the town council is giving them a church ?". Signature : halal-pig.blogspot.com (please, see details upper for the stamp and the address)


Let's baptize the mosque with postcards ! Let's take a "miscreant" postcard.

Let's write (suggestion) : "No church in Medina ? No Medina in church !" (-> construction of churches is prohibited in Medina, and non-muslim can't even go in Medina. But the name of this islamic center is Medina...). Signature : "halal-pig.blogspot.com"

The address (found in very small font below a sponsoring bill :
Clitheroe Mosque Project
c/o Medina Islamic Education Center
26 Holden Street
Lancashire BB7 2 DD

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  • At April 5, 2008 at 9:03 AM, Blogger Shiok Guy said…

    Yeah it is quite true also. In Malaysia church are mostly located in office building, shop house and factory building.

    The only church that still standing by itself are those build during the colonial time. Cheer!

    Shiok Guy


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