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Tour de France : young women stoned with dried sausages in Marseille

by Imam Oink-Oink - Version française SITA a moment ? SITA a stamp then participate to the operation SITA !cochonou stoning dry dried sausages
"La Caravane du Tour" is a publicity convoy that precedes the cyclists since 1930's. They give free samples to the public waiting for the race, it's really a part of the show. But in Marseille, where brain doping with Quran makes some devastations, some people were not happy at all to receive free dried sausages and the french communist newspaper L'Humanité said, describing the life of the women employed to distribute the items by Cochonou : "they should known how to target the right costumers and know a little about the custom of the crossed regions." So the muslim community is important in Marseille and the launching of dried sausages was to be banned : "They were violently sent back in the car"

When you look at the old Citroen used for the job, with people inside, you can't understand how the items couldn't hit the people. The naive person could wait too that Eric Serres, the reporter, denounce the "opium of the muslims" that caused this shamful behaviour against workers. Well, no, and solidarity with muslims is now more important for communists that solidarity with workers...

First of all, he minds very well to relativize the event : there are bad people everywhere and "normal" people can act bad in every community (except that being hitted by a dry sausage is more painful that what follows) :

« Sometimes people slang us », Clémence deplores. « Nice people give us some drink or some food, but others launch water to us, or beer, wine and even worst »

But is it really the same thing for the reporter ? Not quiet, because in the history of Marseille, the "Cochonou bitches" are clearly guilty of being savagely sausaged :

"Unawarenes almost forgivable for these young women, 20 years old, without doubt not briefed on the subject"

Without doubt Ghofrane, stoned to death by some friends of some spectators of the Tour in Marseille was "almost forgivable" about a fault commited as she was not briefed about some islamic costums too ?

As for non-muslim people of Marseille, discriminated by Cochonou and deprived of the samples because of the violent [(c) L'Humanité] behaviour of some muslims against la Caravane du Tour, l'Humanité doesn't care as much as it manipulates its readers to admit the Religion of Peace, without doubt because we didn't want communism (we should have been badly briefed in this case too : this old papers says : "Grief for all the peoples - the Great Staline")


Let's inform L'Humanité (bosses and reporter) that we don't want islam as much as we didn't want communism. Let's inform the Tour de France organizer about the danger of the coranic doping in some aeras of France. And let's inform some politicians of Marseilles about the behaviour of some of the citizens of this Mediterranean city who will receive a nice gift soon : a giant mosque...

1. Print this article (the first page = one side of a sheet) to show it's an international action. No printer ? We'll give you advices to act with post-cards.

2. On the other side of the sheet, print the french version of this article (the first page = the other side of the sheet).

3. Print on another sheet a presentation in french against islam (two pages = one double side sheet).

4. Post-Card option. We suggest this text : "Non à la lapidation des travailleuses de Cochonou sur le Tour à Marseille !" Signature : halal-pig.blogspot.com. (= "No more stoning against the Cochonou workers in Marseille during the Tour de France")

5. Four possible recipients.

a). The reporter to inform him that we don't appreciate his rhetorical manipulations :

Eric Serres
L’HUMANITÉ - service des sports
32 rue Jean Jaurès
93528 Saint-Denis Cedex

b). One of the bosses of the newspaper : Patrick Le Hyaric, Pierre Laurent, Amid Bouzerar, Emeline Le Bere or Alain Madelennat.

Name of the chosen person

32 rue Jean Jaurès
93528 Saint-Denis Cedex

c) The president of Amaury Sport (the organizer of the Tour)

Patrice Clerc
2, rue Rouget de L'Isle

d) The mayor of Marseille but if you understand a few french, you can choose one member of the municipal council of Marseille randomly.

Monsieur Jean-Claude Gaudin, maire de Marseille
Hôtel de Ville
Place Villeneuve Bargemon
13002 Marseille

6. Postage rates from USA, from Canada, from UK, from Ireland, from Australia and from New-Zealand. Citizens from other countries, please check your own postage rates.

7. After you've done it, please refer your action to incite other people to act..

8. Already through with it ? You want more ? Why not discovering other actions (available soon)

9. Don't hesitate to talk about this action and other ones in the sites, forum, chats you use to visite.
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