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Surrealism near ground zero : a man arrested for throwing a quran in a toilet in New-York

Is it science-fiction ? This shame event didn't happen in Iran, in Afghanistan nor in Saudi Arabia, but in the United States : "A 23-year-old man was arrested Friday on hate-crime charges after he threw a Quran in a toilet at Pace University on two separate occasions", AP said.

Stanislav Shmulevich of Brooklyn was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and aggravated harassment, both hate crimes. The Islamic "holy" book was found in a toilet at Pace's lower Manhattan campus by a teacher on Oct. 13. A student discovered another book in a toilet on Nov. 21.

Ten months after the facts, the american administrations (Iranian Religious Police ?) of the university and justice have finally decided to bring suit against the young man. This sick joke in the Country of Freedom, in the city of the 09/11 attacks, is ridiculous and worrying : it's the first time that american administration appears submitted to sharia law. Because this is sharia that says quran is a untouchable "holy book".

ISLAM QURAN KNIFE TERRORISMBut for a normal person, a non-muslim one, quran is a book of hatred. The administration of the University of Pace and the New York Police Department's hate crimes unit should be more concerned about this (just an example) : Qur’an 9:5 “When the sacred forbidden months for fighting are past, fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, torture them, and lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” Toilets are too good for pages like that.

The free world has to say NO to these dhimmies who want to bury our civilisation and kiss the Turkish slippers and the free world has to say : FREE STANISLAV SHMULEVICH OF THESE RIDICULOUS CRIMINAL CHARGES NOW ! And save America from SHARIA LAW !


Follow the instructions below to act efficienly and easily (no printing ? we'll have a post-card solution for you below).

1. Print this article. (only one page = front side of a sheet), on the other side of this sheet you can print the first page of the french version of this article to show this is an international action.

2. Print the two pages of this article about the quran. (= another sheet)

3. Let's inform the following persons about this stupid situation :

3a. Choose one person randomly in this list (for example, the closest name of your own name) and send the two sheets to the dhimmi administration of this university :

Name of the person
Pace University
1 Pace Plaza
New York, NY 10038

3b. Send the two sheets to the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse where où the trial will take place. Chose one of these two persons Supervising Judge Hon. Eileen Koretz or Borough Chief Clerk Serena Springle

Address :
Name of the person
Manhattan Criminal Courthouse
100 Centre Street
New York, NY 10013

3c. Send the sheets to inform governor Eliot Spitzer and commissionner Denise E O'Donnell about this scandal at :

Name of the person
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
4 Tower Place
Albany, NY 12203

4. Postage rates from USA, from Canada, from UK, from Ireland, from Australia and from New-Zealand. Citizens from other countries, please check your own postage rates.

5. After you've done it, please refer your action to incite other people to act..

6. Already through with it ? You want more ? Why not discovering other actions (available soon)

7. Feel free to talk about this action and other ones in the sites, forum, chats you use to visite.

Choose a "miscreant" post-card : church, pork food, pig picture, lady in bikini or other.... "STOP YOUR DHIMMITUDE : FREE STANISLAS SHMULEVICH OF THESE RIDICULOUS CRIMINAL CHARGES NOW !". Signature : halal-pig.blogspot.com (please, see details upper for the stamp and the addresses)
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